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Lydia Hahnewald

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The application was named Triaid was designed for non-profit organizations that is the German Red Cross. In addition to the emergency medical service, also provide a general transport service, it not only helps the elderly, the disabled for outdoor, but beneficial to mobility with difficult do that, for instance shopping, seeing a doctor, going to work and so on.

Cam master is a computer aided manufacturing (CAM) system for NC part programming. With unparalleled ease of use and sophisticated toolpath generation,  users need it for milling, turning and mill-turn machining. Simplify the feedback process by operators, programmer, team members, and stakeholders comment directly on the NC file.

User interview


We went to the German Cross Red of Schwäbisch Gmünd and had an initial conversation with the director. We got an overview of the current transportation system. And we have experienced different types of vehicle ordering and knew about the holistic service. During the process, we listed all important roles and make interviews with them to find their pain points and needs.

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User journey

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Based on interviews of all roles in the workflow, we did a whole user journey including user groups, touch points and important actions. Many problems are found, especially the collaboration between the coordinator and drivers. 


We analyze our main user groups, what pain points are, what breaks down their works, what the current solution is, what they want to improve, why can't improve them now... 



Details page of part

Triaid is designed for the transport service, it consists of two parts. One is Transport Management System (Fahrdienst Programm) , aim to the dispatcher to use. It could log in mobile devices and desktops, and help dispatcher more efficiently organize schedule and manage duty roster. Another one is the DRK Driver, used by drivers of the German Red Cross. It makes conveniently and easily what gets information of work schedule and timetables. The function of  Navigation makes drivers more simply and efficiently take guests to the

A test verifies the status of Wi-Fi as well as other related data, including canal, frequency and suggestions.





After listing high priority requirements and user stories, we clarify what features we should focus on the limited time. The information architecture helps us to get an overview of the whole picture. The low fidelity wireframe is a good and quick way to prove some design points.  After the wireframe of main screens is done, we did soon the first user test. 

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Schedule timeline

Create a new appointment

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Shift plan

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Customer page

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Drivers can receive new driving arrangement and working hours from the app. New tasks can be assigned from dispatcher to the driver’s app on-fly.The navigator can estimate the time it takes from driver’s current location to customer’s location. When for some reason driver and customer(s) cannot meet each other. The driver can update state to coordinator and receive further arrangement from it.



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